Dubai Investment Park 1

Our new facility in DIP 1 hosts 80 large kennel units, one outdoor play area, and one indoor play area. Our outdoor area is grassed to keep your pet’s feet cool, and of course lots of toys to entertain your pet. Each guest is provided with a bed, blankets and bowls. They are fed twice daily with dry and/or wet food. Special diets and other requests can be catered to as well. All dogs & cats are given Frontline upon entry at a cost of 80 AED to protect against ticks and fleas (ticks being a very common problem in the UAE).

Our facility can also accommodate small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, and more!

Collection / Delivery Fees:
Dubai 100 AED
Sharjah 200 AED
Abu Dhabi / Al Ain 240 AED
RAK / Fujairah 240 AED
Umm Al Quwain 240 AED
Ajman 240 AED

* Rates based on one way trip only
* Rates based between office timing 9am to 6pm
* After 6pm to 9pm will be charged additional 20%
* Airport (Pick up & Drop off) based on dates and timing. Rates may vary.

Pet Taxi to Vet (preferred clinic): Pick up 70 AED & Drop off 70 AED | Pet Taxi outside boarding: Pick up 150 AED & Drop off 150 AED.

Pricing list:

Without Food
 Size: Fist Pet
Per/ Day 

Two or More

pet /Per Day

30 Days + 

Boarding /Per

Two or more pets:

30 Days + Boarding/Per


 Cat:  100 AED  95 AED  90 AED  85 AED
 Kitten:  45 AED  40 AED  35 AED  30 AED
With Food

* Dry + Wet food will be additional charge (15 AED) per meal.

* Optional: Dry or Wet will be additional charge (10 AED) per meal.

* Premium food: Steamed Chicken, Beef & Rice (10 AED) per meal.

Dogs | Cats (ANY SIZE)
Half Day: 50 AED Pick up & Delivery 50 AED 50 AED
Full Day: 75 AED Pick up & Delivery 50 AED 50 AED

* Summer period from 15th June to 31st August.

* Winter period from 1st December to 8th January.

* Public Holidays according to the UAE Announcements.

Note: During peak season, there will be additional charge of 20AED each pet per day

Note: All prices excluding VAT

Other Pets Boarding
 Birds  First Pet/Per Day  Two or More pet/Per Day  30 Days + Boarding/Per Day
 Small Birds  25 AED  22 AED  18 AED
 Big Birds  40 AED  35 AED  30 AED
Rabbits Boarding
  First Pet/Per Day  Two or More pet/Per Day  30 Days + Boarding/Per Day   Two or more pets: 30 Days + Boarding/Per Day
Without Food & pet bedding:  40 AED  35 AED  30 AED  27 AED
With Food & pet bedding:  55 AED  50 AED  45 AED  40 AED
   First Pet/Per Day  Two or More pet/Per Day  30 Days + Boarding/Per Day
Without Food:   50 AED  40 AED  35 AED

With Food: Additional charge (15 AED/per day)

Ferret Big Cage: Additional charge (30 AED/per day)

Grooming Services

Basic Grooming:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Wash, Blow dry, Nail clipping, Ear clean, and Anal press

Cats: 110 AED | Hard to handle 130 AED

Dogs: Small 120 AED | Medium 150 AED | Large 180 AED | X Large 200 AED

Rabbits: 50 AED

Nail Clipping: Dogs 40 AED | Cats 30 AED

Full Grooming Rates:

Basic Grooming rates + Additional charges for hair trim/shave based upon request

Other Services

 Medication Administration:
E.g. pills/tablets, creams/ointments, supplements, wound cleaning, etc.
 15 AED each pet per day
 Medicated bath: 100 AED with own shampoo, 150 AED without own shampoo.  Teeth Brushing: (own brush & toothpaste must be provided by the client) 15 AED each pet per day.
 Vet Visit: In-house vet checkup once weekly
Note: Based on diagnosis/medication/treatments, rates will be applied accordingly.
 Vet Consultation Fee: 175 AED
 Video Updates: 100 AED Thrice weekly per family (via WhatsApp)  Extra playtime: 30 AED per day
Cats & Dogs Vaccination Requirements
Cats   Dogs
 Tri-cat: Feline Rhinotracheitis | Calcivirus | Panleukopnia.  DHPP OR DHLPP: Distemper | Canine Hepatitis | Leptospirosis | Parvovirus
 Rabies  Rabies | Bordetella | Kennel cough
 Note: Ticks & flea Treatment (spot on solution) for Cats & Dogs  Note: Kennel cough need to be done 10 days(minimum) before arrival/check in.

1. A deposit of AED 500 is required for booking confirmation.

2. Full payment is required upon arrival/check-in.

3. Anti-tick & fleas must be administer upon arrival of the pet/s, unless advised otherwise. (AED80+vat)

4. NO boarding without updated or valid vaccination and copy of the vet card must be provided

Contact Info

DIP 1. Warehouse no2 & 3 Street 37 Dubai

Opening Hours 9am – 5pm

Office: 050 273 0973

[email protected]